vendredi 23 août 2013

New Shoes


Hi lovelys! 

I bought some new shoes that are simply AMAZING. 

They are from New Look and cost £27.99 . 

It's a classic pair of platform heels that will go with a nice skirt, or a pair of jeans. It is quite simple and looks really nice. I love them! 

Heels are amazing because it makes every woman look amazing.
It's very feminin and can be worn at work, at party's, basicly when you want to. 

What do you think of my new shoes? 

Lots of love, Scarlett xx


Hey there! 

I bought a few nail polishes at the summer and I wanted to show them to you.

 Starting with those amazing O.P.I ones.
OPI always make great nailpolishes, the colour and the quality are always really nice.

So I bought a golden one wich is really nice and perfect for summer, a nice dark purple one, a dark green one too and the last but not the least, a really pretty red one.

After I bought 3 digital colour cream ones.

A red one, a reaaaaally lovely creamy yellow one that I absolutely love, and a nice light blue one too. 

During my trip to London I bought this really nice very light mint one at primark. It has a matte effect that makes it really different of normal nailpolishes and that gives an amazing finish. 

And to finish I bought this lovely light green one at Hema. 

I hope you liked it and that you're having a lovely day! 

Bye xx

jeudi 22 août 2013

Introductory article

Hey! :) 
Basicly this is just a quick introductory article for my blog that I just started.
As this is my first article on my blog I thought maybe I could talk a bit about myself, so my name is Scarlett, i'm 16, I was born the 4th of december 1996.
I live in Paris in France and I study marketing. 
I like a lot of simple things like my bed, yoga and my family and friends, but I am also a very strange person sometimes. 
So here's a few random facts about myself:

I'm scared of lifts, I don't really know where it comes from though. 
I alredy dyed my hair in pink. 
I'm obsessed with everything dealing with beauty and fashion. 
I have the same scar as harry potter on my forehead.
I have very flexible fingers. 
I'm half french, half english.
I love attraction parcs.
I know every disney songs by heart.
I have an hamster called hamtaro.
My favourite color is mint.
Asian food is my favourite.
So that was a few facts about myself :)  
Love, scarlett xx